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Candles for Summer Solstice 2021

It's a Summer fiesta! Let's face it - it's been well over a year now since the world has been living a quarantine lifestyle pretty much. As things ease up and with restrictions being lifted in the upcoming weeks, there definitely is more freedom to be had where we can expand the way we enjoy ourselves and get more social - all in perfect timing, for Summer 2021. In the last few months, Maison Rose has been cultivating a brand new Summer Collection. That's right! Beach vibes straight out of your backyard and perfected with high quality fragrances to indulge in, on a warm Summer night. Read on to catch some insights into our latest products and some hot tips on how to use these beauties.

How to Select Candles That Fit Your Lifestyle

With the infinite world of scents out there, we tend to gravitate towards certain aromas that create a soothing atmosphere for us. At Maison Rose, we have strived to create an abundance of candle scents that would be fitting for your lifestyle, bringing you a sense of pleasure. While you may love candles but don't know what scents to opt for, we've created a fragrance guide that will point you in the right direction of the essence you wish to bring into your life. 

Quarantine Away! How We Use Candles During Quarantine

A year into Quarantine and well, we are still in that bubble with the constant state of flux out there in the world. Who says you can't get creative and step outside the box? There are several at home ideas that we are about to share while making the most of this lockdown. We're all in this together and may we radiate our light into your Quarantine lifestyle!

5 Ways to Use Candles This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2021 is right around the corner which calls for an extra bit of love & warmth - especially for those in Winter season! Although this year has a different twist to it, there are always unique ways to celebrate this joyous occasion of love, pandemic-style.

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