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Gemstone Candles - Citrine

In our last blog post, we got into the Gemstone : Tiger's Eye - which is infused into our vibrant Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle. Citrine happens to be the second Gemstone that you will find in the candle so, let's talk about what this beauty represents and how to use it! 

Gemstone Candles - What is Tiger's Eye?

At Maison Rose, one of our specialities we are known for are our Gemstone Candles. In this post, we will be talking about the very fierce Tiger's Eye Gemstone, which happens to be infused into our Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle. Let us get into the details of this fine and rare Gem - what it represents and how to use it.

Taking A Day Off For Yourself

Burnout is when your mind, body and soul have hit a point of where you can basically no longer force yourself to carry on with an activity. Sheer exhaustion. As one journeys through the adventure of life, Maison Rose wants to chat up on what it means to hold space for yourself.

Implement A Positive Mindset

'In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you' - Deepak Chopra. To cultivate a positive mindset no matter the highs or lows is truly liberating - freedom as they would say. We at Maison Rose want to share some positivity basics that might help spark a little light in your world. 

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