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A Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism - a fine word used in today's time in place of the word simplicity. A lifestyle that highlights living with minimal items in order to enjoy the simple pleasures of life ; experiences over materials. A candle. A cup of freshly brewed espresso.


Happy 2022 from Maison Rose

With grace and love, we at Maison Rose would like to take a moment to thank our client base for all of the wonderful support that has been sent our way since we first started our company. Our team wishes each and every one of you an abundant year 2022.

Maison Rose's Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner and all the local shops being pretty occupied, it's easy to start feeling overwhelmed on what gifts to buy for your loved ones this season.

Why Our Customers Love Natural Soaps

The modern consumer is more health conscious than ever before and demands healthier options for all facets of their life – Maison Rose is equipped to satisfy that desire.

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