A Minimalist Lifestyle

A Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism - a fine word used in today's time in place of the word simplicity. A lifestyle that highlights living with minimal items in order to enjoy the simple pleasures of life ; experiences over materials. A candle. A cup of freshly brewed espresso. Maybe even indulging in healthy, natural and botanically-derived body soap. When you shop with Maison you are essentially buying an experience. Sit back as we talk about our approach on minimalism whilst incorporating our products into your lifestyle. Stay tuned for a couple of minimalistic tips in the blog post too!


Living a minimal lifestyle is often focused on cherishing experiences over goods. In a way, it is a form of conscious living, where you become very selective about what you bring into your lifestyle. A simple life can truly be a good life. With every day ads that constantly bombard us wherever we may go whether that's through billboards, social media, the radio, magazines and so forth - it essentially puts pressure on the average consumer to buy, buy and continue buying more...basically until you have no space left in your home! Sometimes this can become quite stressful in the long run only to realize how much you have piled on. Minimalism focuses on owning less materials however, the concept often strives for quality over quantity in being selective of what you do welcome into your life.

Back to the point we brought up, when you shop with Our Brand - you are buying an experience. A candle isn't exactly something one keeps around forever, maybe for decor if that's your thing which is totally great! ; but the invigorating joy that comes from lighting a candle is truly satisfying. Envision watching a gorgeous sunset in your back terrace or from your window, taking in the scents of green tea and white pear. Perhaps you are lounging around at home in the Winter - imagine a buttery aroma of maple sugar bringing in cozy vibes.

Maple Sugar Candle

Maybe you like to spend your weekends meal prepping in order to save time throughout the week - that's sure a whole lotta' cooking aroma! You might find that our candles will help transmute cooking odours into refreshing scents to conclude all of that hard work you just put in to meal prep. Lavender and bergamot in our Daydream Soy Candle will bring forth a fresh and floral feel, while our Fresh Soy Candle smells like clean cotton. 

Let's talk about the experience of Bath Salt Soaks and Body Soap. As a part of one's daily or nightly routine, showering or taking relaxing baths can help to keep your body feeling revitalized. Daily cleansing does have a renewing impact on the mind, allowing for a more clear head space. We invite you to try our organic and natural bath salt soaks and soaps. We'll drop a few hints : Himalayan and epsom salts, 100% essential oils, botanicals...sounds like mother nature's ingredients don't they? Your body will thank you and these luscious wellness products might just bring out a feel of nature as you use them on your skin. Due to the gentle ingredients we have used to make our products, we are pleased to say that they are suitable for all skin types. 

Do you know someone who appreciates the art of simple living? Know of someone who you are planning on gifting soon or maybe their birthday is coming up? Gift a memorable experience to that special person with one of our Gift Boxes. We have a couple of different ensembles to choose from however, we'll share the ones our past customers love. Our most popular is the alluring Healing Gemstone Gift Box - consisting of 4 candles : Angel Aura Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Fluorite, & Rose Quartz. Enchanting scents all around and certain to renew positive energies in one's life. The bonus with these candles is that they are gemstone-infused and each gemstone is known to have healing properties. Another customer favourite : The Rose Lovers Gift Box - luxurious candles with unforgettable aromas, an elegant rose gold tealight candle stand, a beautiful statement wick trimmer plus more. 

At Maison Rose, providing our client base with products that will benefit every individual's wellness is truly important to us. We don't just make candles for the sake of making candles or any of our other products for that matter, but have spent quite a bit of fair time investing in trial and error before we landed the perfect health-fitting formula for every one of our products. Each product is made with quality and sustainable ingredients such as natural soy wax, natural cotton wicks, reusable jars, and paraffin-free + phthalate-free essential & fragrance oils. Our products also don't emit overpowering scents - you are in for just the perfect bit of aroma! As a business, we also take responsibility in minimizing our carbon footprint ensuring that we contribute to the health of our planet in a positive manner. We opt for eco-friendly packaging as much as possible. In this case, it is a win for our customers, our planet and our core values! Feel free to read more about how we make our candles here.