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Hand-poured, Handcrafted and Artisan designed products are what Maison Rose brings to your lifestyle. In our workshop based out of Vaughan - Ontario, we passionately create luxury candles, soaps, gift boxes, other wellness products and more. It is in our utmost dedication to curate products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, plant-based and of course, beautifully scented for our customers to savour. A natural and sustainable approach was taken as we set foot on starting our business, to ensure that we are contributing to both - the wellness of our customers and of our planet. If we have one message to share with our audience, it has got to be - To take a break, relax and enjoy the little things in life. 

An ensemble of luscious, pleasant and long-lasting scents is what our products bring to you, without overpowering aromas. 

Each product is made with love and we truly hope you cherish it. Thank you for supporting our small business. Read on to learn more about our ingredients and the Maison Rose story. 

A luxury candle and soap brand from Ontario, Canada. All of our products are 100% plant-based, eco-friendly and are beautifully scented. We created this brand with the goal of sharing a message – to take a break, relax and enjoy the little things in life.
How the Maison Rose Vision Began
Our goal at Maison Rose is to share the message of relaxing, unwinding and enjoying our sublime fragrances. We understand that life can be hectic at times, and some days, you'll just want to relax. Unwind with lighting a graceful candle.
"Take Time to Smell the Roses"
The candles at Maison Rose are hand made in Ontario, Canada. Our high-end soy wax candles are a must-try. Packaged in our luxurious jars, with beautiful packaging, our candles make the perfect gift.
Why Choose Our Soy Candles?
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