Meet Maison Rose

At Maison Rose we believe that everyone should experience the luxury of self-care. We create products for our customers, to achieve just that!
In our workshop based out of Vaughan - Ontario, we passionately create luxury candles, soaps, gift boxes, wellness products and more. Our utmost dedication is to curate eco-friendly, sustainable, plant-based, and of course, beautifully scented products for our customers to savour.
Maison Rose took a natural and sustainable approach as we started our business to ensure that we contribute to both - the wellness of our customers and our planet. If we have one message to share with our audience, it has got to be: Take a break, relax, and enjoy the little things in life.

The Vision

Maison Rose is a family-owned business where a lot of heart goes into making our candles, soaps and other wellness products. We dedicate to sustainable practices; it was necessary to us that we find a healthier and eco-friendly alternative to commercial candles (typically made of paraffin wax) and chemical soaps.

With commitment, plenty of research and experimentation, the Maison Rose team successfully founded a technique to create simple, luxurious and beautiful candles + soaps that not only meet the criteria of an eco-friendly approach but are also scented to make each experience uniquely memorable.

Another one of our goals at Maison Rose is to share the much-needed message of relaxing while enjoying our sublime fragrances. Life can be hectic; sometimes, you must sit back and unwind. Light up our graceful candles and treat yourself to self-care with our naturally scented botanical soaps. Let our products lighten your vibe and make your day a little brighter.

Thank You for Supporting Our Small Business