Gemstones and their Meanings

Gemstones and their Meanings

Throughout history, people have been awestruck by the beauty of gemstones and have also found them to help in some aspects of their life. This may be related to colour psychology and how certain colours affect our moods or there may be a genuine aura that emanates from them which affects aspects of our lives. Who’s to say? Regardless of the method in which it creates these effects, many people swear by gemstones and use them to improve their lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically. At Maison Rose, we have an array of gemstone candles that are not only aesthetic, but are also made to radiate positive vibes!




Here are some of the gemstones we have and what they mean :

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz is also known as ‘aura lite’. It’s made by heating quartz with intense heat and then coating it with a mix of metals like platinum, gold and silver. This results in an iridescent glow which many believe to enhance the effects of the gemstone and also why it was given the name ‘angel aura’.

This gemstone has spiritual and mental properties, some of which include insight, wisdom, truth, strength, peace of mind, empathy, clarity, relaxation, enlightenment, and much more. It’s also noteworthy that Angel Aura Quartz seems to have a special affinity with consciousness and expanded awareness.

Clear Quartz

The second crystal combined with our Angel Aura Quartz candle is Clear Quartz. Formed from silica and oxygen, Clear Quartz is a beautiful crystal that is quite popular and is bestowed upon as the 'master healer' stone. You may wonder why it is at the top of the line of gemstones and this is due to its ability to carry several healing benefits. Essentially this gemstone can be fine-tuned to whichever aspect of your life you wish to bring healing to. 

Amongst the marvellous scent given off from our gorgeous candle, Clear Quartz can be used for enhancing psychic abilities, cleansing one's energy field of negativity and bringing balance to the chakras. 

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This is probably one you’ve heard of before. Anyone who knows anything about gemstones knows the beautiful purple gemstone known as Amethyst.

Amethyst just like Angel Aura Quartz has spiritual and mental properties many of which are the same. It’s tied to insight, wisdom, clarity, focus, protection, anxiety relief, purification and more.

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Aquamarine is a rare and beautiful blue gemstone that had its first recorded uses in ancient Greece. It is said that this gemstone helps in opening up your heart and throat chakras which are both important factors in speaking the absolute truth. This may help with relationships as an open heart and mind are needed to make and maintain healthy relationships.

This gemstone’s properties help with calming & patience of the mind, energy and rejuvenation. It also helps in alleviating anger and stress. It is said to give inspiration, protection, insight and peace of mind.


Fluorite is a gemstone known for its clarity and mental enhancement properties. Probably something you’d want when taking a test right? This gemstone is known to literally absorb negative energy around you. Consider it to be an excellent gemstone to steer clear of negative vibes!

Fluorite’s properties include decisiveness, balance, clarity, protection, cleansing, mental enhancement, self-discipline and more.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the more common types of quartz. It’s found in mostly Brazil, Madagascar and the USA. It can come in light and pale pink to darker shades of pink (which may be due to trace amounts of other elements such as titanium, iron and manganese). The colour will not fade due to light or heat exposure.

Associated with the colour pink, Rose Quartz embodies pure love. This gemstone is known to open your heart chakra. It has a strong feminine energy which is tied to compassion and empathy. Another ability of this gemstone is to help attract new love and promote deeper bonds with friends and family or create intimacy with a partner.

Rose Quartz is known to improve self-love, calm & patience, love & relationships, joy, creativity (they say thinking about love makes us more creative), physical healing of the heart, empathy, relaxation and anxiety relief.

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All of these gemstones carry great, positive vibes whether you’re in the bathtub relaxing from a long day, wanting to focus on work in a setting where the light is dim (the ambience truly can help you focus!), setting the mood for an at-home dinner date, or even fuelling creativity for an art project. The scenarios are endless! We at Maison Rose hope to have enlightened you on some of the meanings associated with each gemstone type incorporated into our candles. Wishing you nothing but grace, love and light.