Your Guide to the Sunshine Crystal: Citrine

Your Guide to the Sunshine Crystal: Citrine

Citrine is quite the stunning Crystal with the tones of yellow-orange, which has been around for many years. It is a popular Quartz Crystal known to be used for welcoming positivity and prosperity. In addition, Citrine could help one balance their emotions and carry in a positive perspective, promote happiness, provoke a surge of energy and bring about mental clarity.

The History of Citrine

Citrine Crystals were discovered between 300-150 BC in Scotland and Ancient Greece and used as decorative Gems. Alongside, Citrine has been found in places like the Ural Mountains in Russia, Madagascar and Kazakhstan. In regards to mining in today's time, Citrine is found in Uruguay and Brazil. Throughout history, these precious Crystals were known as the merchants' Crystals as people believed they attracted wealth. Healers would also use Citrine to purify the toxicity in the body, which was known to help with blood circulation and the immune system. An interesting fact is that people of these ancient times used the Crystal to help get rid of venomous snakes!

Citrine Crystals


The Benefits and Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine is known to assist with emotional healing significantly and strengthen one's self-esteem. It has been said that a Citrine Crystal brings a positive flow of energy into your body. Physically, the Crystal may help with improving one's strength along with digestion. Citrine could assist with wealth and may help obtain commercial success. Perhaps carrying the Gem in your wallet or purse might attract the energies of luck!

To add to the physical properties of Citrine, it could enhance one's inner light and allow the flow of creativity and imagination. With relationships, the Crystal may help with understanding the other and cohesiveness. Citrine could also be used as a shield against jealousy to protect relationships. In therapies that encourage metabolism, direct personal power, and more - Citrine is used in the healing process. One that wears a Citrine Crystal - say in a necklace or incorporated into a ring, may feel empowered and allows the individual to take control of their life. Spiritual and physical ease may also come to fruition by wearing it.


Citrine and the Chakras

When it comes to manifesting personal will, Citrine is a crucial Crystal. As this Crystal carries the sun's power, it stimulates the chakras and helps clear the mind. In particular, Citrine could help balance the solar plexus chakra and is usually associated with the sacral chakra. The solar plexus chakra is helpful with manifestation, and balancing it is essential for a creative individual.

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That is Citrine for you! We hope this post was informative and has left you inspired to learn more about the awe and beauty of Crystals. For some beautiful aromas and energies of positivity and luck, check out our Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle