Happy 2022 from Maison Rose

Happy 2022 from Maison Rose

With grace and love, we at Maison Rose would like to take a moment to thank our client base for all of the wonderful support that has been sent our way since we first started our company. Our team wishes each and every one of you an abundant year 2022. We are delighted to continue handcrafting completely natural, luscious candles and wellness products, and look forward to sharing our journey with all of you this year. 


To start this year off right, a new candle has joined our Gemstone Collection. Drum roll please! Give a warm welcome to our Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle. We will delve into what makes this candle so special shortly but if there's one way to describe it, those words would be intricate simplicity. With a high level of attention to detail whilst curating this fine dime, several components were orchestrated into completing the final product - from the key ingredients that bring about its enchanting aromas, to the infused gemstones which can provoke healing properties, and to the tasteful design elements on top. It was about the fine strike between intricate details yet maintaining simplicity. 

You might want to grab yourself a beverage as you read on about what makes this beauty so meaningful and how to potentially implement it into your lifestyle.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that! Our Scents.

The Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle is best described as woody, with a touch of sweetness and a slight punch of citrus without an overpowering scent. The intention we opted for when coming up with the perfect aroma for this candle was for it to resemble nature as close as possible with a hint of euphoria. We essentially want you to be able to experience the feeling of being grounded but also very happy at the same time. Allow us to share the 5 marvellous fragrances behind this creation :

1 Cedarwood - Bringing forth its woody and warm essence, Cedarwood can be used as an overall detoxifier. 

2 Amber - This one's good for providing a boost by simply letting it circulate in the air and is known for relieving anxiety. A fun fact : Originating from ancient trees, Amber is from hardened resin. The aroma follows along the lines of sweet, musky and rich. 

3 Incense - A very comforting scent that almost makes one feel like being at a meditation or yoga retreat ; typically following a woody yet subtly spiced scent. 

4 Indonesian White Copal - A fruity fragrance with sweet notes ; can center and cleanse the mind, body and soul. 

5 Patchouli - A trio of sweet, spice and woody notes ; a very popular scent originating from India and is used to cleanse dense energies, inviting prosperity, and for grounding.  


Flourish with Good Luck

One can never be short of luck and this candle can bring that outlook into fruition. The propelling force behind our creation does come from our one-of-a-kind scents but in addition, let's talk about the power brought forth from the infused gemstones. Citrine, comes from the glass of gemstones called Quartz which might sound familiar. It is known for its earthy tone, lemon yellow color and can be called as the sunshine stone. When it comes to creating good fortune, balancing emotional health and clearing the body of toxins - Citrine is the gemstone you may want to hold onto. In general, Citrine can be great for tapping into the flow of healing energy. Now let's get into Tiger's Eye. Quite the striking name isn't it? Well, they call this gemstone one that is made for warriors! Consisting of two mixed colours with a variation of black and yellow, Tiger's Eye is acknowledged for bringing out bravery and boldness, can assist with overcoming fear and promotes confidence. Hello self-empowerment! 

Aesthetic please.

We get it - this candle might serve better as a decor element and to be honest, it is just too darn pretty to light up! Glad we are not the only ones who feel this way as our past customers who have purchased from the Gemstone Collection have mentioned the same. Well, we always say it's nice to be able to have a second candle to savour as the other one steals the spotlight. The Citrine and Tiger's Eye Candle has been hand-poured into a luxurious apothecary jar, is infused with the gemstones ; Citrine and Tiger's Eye, and lastly decorated with golden glitter, topped with a statement rose gold lid. The bonus? Once you are finished burning your candle, you can keep the infused gemstones for decor or could use them for a dose of luck - perhaps by your night stand or carrying them in your purse or pocket.


Now, how can you implement the Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle into your New Year? We are a few days in with 2022 but there's 365 days in a year and we are just getting started. 

Get into the nitty-gritty and give your space a total deep cleanse. Once you're done, light up your candle and let the fragrance consume your space, creating room for inspiration. Grab your journal - keep it simple and write down 3 big goals that you want to accomplish which would bring you fulfillment. Thereafter, start chipping away day by day on how you can break these 3 big goals into smaller, attainable steps. You'll look back at 2022 and be amazed at how much you can do when you put your mind to it. 

Have you ever thought about creating a vision board? There is something powerful about seeing your vision every single day as it could have a profound effect on the subconscious mind. The more you visualize and the more aligned action you take in accordance with your vision, steps can start to manifest before you even realize it. After all, it is about setting the right intentions for you. Take the time to really craft an artistic, vision board and get down to the very details of what you desire in your life. If you don't have the next few years panned out, a simple vision for 2022 is still a great idea. One can collect images from magazines or print some from the web. Let this beautiful gemstone candle brighten up your vibe and carry in new energies, as you work on manifesting a new lifestyle. 

Hand Holding Candle

With all of these little intricacies beautifully curated into the Citrine and Tiger's Eye Gemstone Soy Candle, we truly hope that it will bring every individual the utmost luck and prosperity for 2022. 

Yours truly, Maison Rose.