Top Five Reasons to Love Candles

Top Five Reasons to Love Candles

From giving us the ability to be present to filling up an entire interior space with fulfilling scents, these are just two of the five reasons that we are about to dabble into for the love of candles! If you don't already know, our niche at Maison Rose is to provide beautifully scented candles made with all natural ingredients and not to mention, our creations are all environmentally friendly reducing our carbon footprint. We want to help spread our passion for ravishing scents while helping you find yours too!





As mentioned, candles can give us the ability to be present. Who doesn't love being in the now? Let's rise above all of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. You see, the flame in a candle has a very profound way of getting us to focus. Fire is one of the natural elements of life after all. Be prepared to totally amp up your concentration levels while pursuing activities like meditation, yoga or journaling, to name a few - simply by lighting up a candle in the background. While you ponder about how you could implement candles for better focus, here are our candle recommendations on how you can hone in on your chosen activity to help practice mindfulness. Tranquility is all about our herbal blend of frankincense, sage and lemongrass, which gives off an amazing citrus aroma. Brighten up your day with Sunshine, infused with a floral essence and to make it even prettier, we decorated it with real dried lemons and flowers! 




Scent away my interior space please. 

Is it raining outside? What about snowing? These are two of the reasons why we humans love to spend time indoors whether it be the sound of soothing rain or feeling the warmth as white fluff covers the earth. Just close your eyes and imagine the comfort you would feel in either of these scenarios. Now, let's use our imagination a little more and feel the aura a candle is going to add to that, totalling up to sheer pleasure. What is there not to love about this picture perfect two for one. Ready to hear about our scent selections that you might just adore? For a wonderful rainstorm during Summer, with the cool scents of lavender, eucalyptus and spearmint, you'd ought to try Relax. Here's a bonus tip - next time you light your candle, leave your windows open and let that breeze just flow right through. Take our word, it will totally elevate the essence of the candle, flourishing your entire atmosphere. Time to flip the switch to Winter mode and fast forward to Cozy days with the fireplace running in the background. This candle is made with ginger snap and pink sugar, bringing you a sweet and rich experience. Having that extra heat on will also add to the incense that the candle gives off, making it a delightful time.


What's your mood? 

Lighting a candle up or two can add to your happiness. Did you know the simplicity that a candle carries with impacting your mood in a positive manner? Think about this - when you are positive, it promotes more positivity. The unfolding effect to using a candle has a natural, relaxing impact on your brain and promotes serotonin which is a feel good hormone that allows for mood regulation. Fantastic ways to implement candles to boost your mood can be activities like lighting up one while taking a bath or practicing some deep breathing. 




The perfect attention grabber!

You heard that right! Are you a socialite? Maybe you're hosting a dinner. Perhaps even a night in with the girls. You and your posse are going to love socializing, enjoying some tasteful bites or drinks - all with the delight of some luxurious candles. If rosé vino is totally your thing, Celebrate gives off the essence of rosé and champagne. We also have some real good tealights named Champagne which are literally a celebration in a 6 pack - described as effervescent sweetness on a bed of ginger and white grape. To make these tealights even more special, they have been decorated with some glitter! A night to seize. 




Decor me up!

Candles make a beautiful statement as a decor piece in any living space, office or bedroom. There is something that is just so aesthetic and appealing about it. If you are really into beautifying your space, this could be an intricate detail you could add to complete the picture. Stack up some gorgeous books with one of our candles on top, leave one on your vanity table or even coffee table! You've got the decor pieces in check but don't forget about grabbing a few extras to light and enjoy. If you fancy gemstones, don't forget to check these beauties out. We also do have non-gemstone candles which you can find here. Happy decorating!




We at Maison Rose take pride in providing quality for our customers and would love for you to be able to have an optimal experience using our products. For more selections and creations beyond candles - Shop our Bath Salt Soaks, Natural Soaps, Accessories, and a variety of other lovely scented candles from our Maison Collection, Summer Collection, Petite Collection and Tealight Collection. Maison Rose also carries Gift Boxes and Bundles! There you go - a few reasons to love candles and some scents worth exploring!