Spring Decluttering + Candle Decor

Spring Decluttering + Candle Decor

Home - a place where you may spend a lot of time or, the sanctuary you return to after a bustling day. Everyone deserves to live in a comfortable space and to be quite frank, it does not take a lot to create it. When it comes to home decor, simplicity can truly work in your favour. In today's blog post, we get into the aesthetics of using candles as decor pieces in your environment. If you are ready to give your space a fresh feel, join in to read. We at Maison Rose hope to send some design inspiration your way, just in time for Spring Solstice 2022. 


Home Decor Candles

Take this into perspective for a minute - it is almost Spring 2022. Seems like New Year's celebrations weren't that far off. Spring is a time of renewal and freshness, being a great season for transformation. Candles can really accentuate an interior with their sophisticated simplicity. You can either leave the candles to be, as aesthetically pleasing pieces, or you can do both - have them as decor whilst slowly burning them over time. 

Let's Talk About Decluttering - Spring can be the perfect time to cleanse your space of old energies and declutter. Once you get rid of the old, you welcome space for the new in your life. Perhaps you decide to donate a bunch of stuff to your local thrift store, or you get into the fine details of deep cleaning. Using candles throughout the cleansing process can be quite therapeutic on the mind. With marvellous and natural aromas surrounding you, your decluttering process might just speed up and your space will feel like new in no time. Another way to implement candles is to wait until you have completed your cleansing ritual so that way you have a fresh slate and gorgeous candles to begin with. 

Spring Cleaning

Decor Inspiration 

Maybe you don't feel the need to declutter and already have a renewed environment you would like to work with. Well, let us inspire you on ways that you are able to use our lovely candles as decor statements and of course, to burn alongside as well should you choose to. 

Nightstand Comfort - Just think about how fulfilling it would feel to be all cuddled up in fresh sheets as you get to snack on some decadent nuts, sipping some coffee or tea, all while enjoying a luxe candle releasing invigorating scents. It is pretty much the perfect and petite, minimal piece to add to your nightstand. 

Nightstand Decor Candle

Bathroom Decor - A place made to freshen up. You ought to style it up! Adding a candle or two, where fitting, can give your bathroom a welcoming vibe. Not only would a candle act as a decor element, but it is also great to use while indulging in your self-care routine or as you unwind in a warm bath. 

Classic Stacked-On-A-Magazine or Book - Setting a beautiful candle on top of a couple of aesthetically pleasing magazines or books is such a classic decor move. It really brings out the essence of what it means to be simple. Minimalism at its finest! 

Candle On Magazine 

Your Zone - This can be a spot where you might meditate, read, journal, do yoga and more. Due to the natural aromas provoked from soy candles, they can help carry the ability to concentrate. The purpose of your zone may be to simply connect within, so why not add some more gaiety to it? 

Candle Decor

Last but not least - other than what we have shared, there are endless ways to implement candles as design aspects in your home. They do tend to pair up well with geometrical shapes too. As you can see, there are so many simple ways to add candles as design pieces to your home and it really does not take that much to do so! As always, we hope this blog post has inspired you in one way or another.

Candle Aesthetic

Candles are graceful. Candles mark for simplicity. We at Maison Rose bring to you, our aesthetically-made, luxurious, natural soy candles - betterment for your wellness on a mind, body and soul level. Not to mention, on a design level too. Enjoy the vibe of Spring Solstice making its way into 2022 and, happy decluttering and decorating!