Implement A Positive Mindset

Implement A Positive Mindset

'In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you' - Deepak Chopra. When things are going really well in life, it can be easier to feel positive. However, sometimes things don't always go as we wish they would. Each individual has the power to control themselves and how they react to external circumstances, as some factors may not be in your hands. To cultivate a positive mindset no matter the highs or lows is truly liberating - freedom as they would say. We at Maison Rose want to share some positivity basics that might help spark a little light in your world. 


Firstly, we want to emphasize something. To simply say be positive may not exactly do the trick. To embody positivity requires you to bring clarity forth in your life. To mask the underlying problem and preach positivity does not last very long. You see, positivity means to compassionately sit down with yourself and find out what is really weighing you down. Once you identify what it is, taking the right steps to correct your situation is what helps build that positive frame of mind. Even the smallest step forward counts!

Let's talk about some of the ways you can build a more positive outlook on life.

Eat Well - This one might sound a little cliché however, you are what you eat! Health starts within the gut microbiome and what you intake can impact your mood - scientific research indicates that the gut is pretty much your second brain. People are as busy as they can be these days and sometimes you don't exactly have the time to prepare fresh food or, really only have the chance to grab a bite to eat while you're out. For a quick pick-me-up, fruits are an excellent choice of carbohydrates and the natural sugars they contain can provide you with a boost of energy. Smoothies are also great because they are so simple - grab some protein powder, your choice of milk, a couple of variations of frozen fruit, and a pre-washed pack of greens. Throw some of that in the blender and voila, a nutritious beverage on-the-go. Thanks to innovation, there are also awesome and healthier takeout options these days. If you fuel yourself well, your output will be greater and of course, impacting your mood in a much more favourable way. 

Meditate - We think you may be catching onto our theme of positivity 101. Meditation is one of the most simplest ways to build-in a happier outlook on life. With the myriad of apps and platforms out there, or even a quick youtube browse, you will find all kinds of meditations. Take your pick! Meditating allows you to bring a sense of equilibrium to your entire being and can help your nervous system enter into a more parasympathetic state. When you are consistently stressed out and take no time to rest, your brain may start to feel like it is in fight-or-flight mode. This eventually can lead to a serious burnout so it is important to slow down. To meditate pretty much means to be present, and that means to be fully engaged with what it is that you are doing. If you aren't crazy about sitting there with your eyes closed - whether you are engaged in reading a book, painting or soaking up in a bath, these may also be seen as different forms of meditation. Thoughts can't be stopped but once you start being an observer of your thoughts instead of being caught up in them, you are stepping into the meditative state. The thoughts can eventually become background noise. 

Move Your Body - Exercise is wonderful. The happy chemical our body releases in a state of movement is called endorphins thus, keeping things flowing well within and creating a better mood. You could go all in or keep it simple regarding what form of movement you choose to incorporate. A stroll in the park, jogging, at-home workouts, or even some yoga makes a difference.

Do Something Creative - When it comes to being creative, a lot of people out there could think that this means you need to delve into the arts. Although creativity exists in that realm too, there are so many other ways to bring this aspect into your life. Throw on some music, make yourself a cappuccino and delve into your kitchen. Make yourself a beautiful brunch and light up a candle as you savour it. Perhaps take yourself on an adventure somewhere. Whatever gets you feeling joyful.  

Our intention was to shine the light and send some positivity your way. We truly do hope that some bits and pieces resonated with you and bring about inspiration into your life. It is all about taking a step forward every single day and just know, there's the ripple effect of every step you take. So if you wake up one day and wonder how you got to a happier place, remember to look back at the daily work you put in. Your soul will thank you.