Why Are Candles So Calming?

Why Are Candles So Calming?

What a delightful invention that candles were made to be. They continue to sell like hotcakes with more and more people appreciating the beauty that these minimal objects can bring into their lives. Such a simple yet profound impact they carry. Hand-poured in an intricate fashion, we at Maison Rose have decided to share why we think candles can have such an easing effect on thy soul, bringing inner fulfillment. 




As humans, challenges do arise from time to time and while they utterly suck, they can leave us with inevitable stress. With the crazy stressors absorbed by the mind, our levels of anxiety can increase. It all boils down to one thing and that is not about what life throws at you, rather how well you handle the tough stuff be it big or small. Not that you need to walk around worrying unnecessarily but stress relieving techniques are must haves that you want to keep in place because who really knows when life could throw lemons at you. Maison Rose cares about the wellness of our customers and our home - planet earth, which is why all of our products are made using natural and sustainable ingredients. 


Any idea what happy hormones are? Dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are natural mood-boosters we all have, hooray! What's even better is that candles are known to influence these feel good hormones that bring out a sense of positivity.




Picture lighting a beautiful spark to your candle, filling up your atmosphere entirely with an uplifting essence! Different scents evoke different feelings but simply put, the underlying factor is that lighting a candle has an overall tranquil effect on your body, mind and soul. Here's a thought - let's talk about meditation. This strategy is about producing results for an inner calm by putting your focus on perhaps a mantra and deep breathing. Not to mention, meditation can have a transforming impact on reducing stress and boosting your mood. Now let's take meditation and put a metaphorical spin on it by expressing that the meditative mantra is the candle itself. Like a meditative mantra, you are bound to focus on the candle because it is super powerful with the aura and aromas it gives off. This is why people love to use candles when meditating, while taking an unwinding bath using bath salts, or even having a candle lit in the background while working or creating. Candles are attention grabbers if you really think about it! 


Do you have a beautiful interior space that you truly admire? Now what if we told you to light up some gorgeous candles and step into that atmosphere...you will feel a sense of inspiriting energies naturally. What lights a candle? A flame. Fire is one of the five elements of nature and when a flame appears, it may allow us the space to deeply connect with ourselves and our emotions.  




Aside from the tranquility and benefits you might encounter from using candles, they could also help with - increasing your focus, promoting deep and nourishing beauty sleep, alleviating stress and generally evoking happiness within with a sense of warmth. Some great ways to incorporate candles into your calm can be things like - having the beautiful scent warm up the air as you enjoy dinner with your significant other or family, hanging out with your dog, journalling, listening to music or even a skin care pampering session. Remember, choosing to invest in your overall wellness is going to pay great dividends and lead to a much more content life. 


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With the abundance of aromas out there, we have made sure to provide quite the selection of scents to choose from. With each individual's uniqueness, choices of what one considers to be a revitalizing perfume can vary so we are pleased to share our Fragrance Guide to help you select the right match to your soon-to-be-candles giving you that internal calm!