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How to Select Candles That Fit Your Lifestyle

How to Select Candles That Fit Your Lifestyle
With the infinite world of scents out there, we tend to gravitate towards certain aromas that create a soothing atmosphere for us. At Maison Rose, we have strived to create an abundance of candle scents that would be fitting for your lifestyle, bringing you a sense of pleasure. While you may love candles but don't know what scents to opt for, we've created a fragrance guide that will point you in the right direction of the essence you wish to bring into your life. 


Having the right touch of a scent within your atmosphere can really bring energizing feelings to the forefront. After all, it's quite wonderful to be able to enjoy the environment you are in so why not put-a-cherry-on-top by choosing some luxurious candles. 


Let's get started with the different categories of candle scents we offer. Below you'll find a list of scented candles that are aligned to their respective category. 



Fresh & blossoming, fragrances of pure joy and elevation. 

Sunshine - Sage + Citrus / Maison Collection in 10oz jar  + Tealight Collection in 6pc set 

Rose Quartz - Rose Water + Lily Petals + Patchouli / Maison Collection in 10oz jar 



Revitalize & thrive, yet juicy. Luscious fragrances that beautify.

Passion - Green Tea + White Pear / Maison Collection in 10oz jar  + Tealight Collection in 6pc set 

Roses - Rose / Tealight Collection in 6pc set 



Richness and invigorating with a touch of luxe. Fragrances that bring out sophistication. 

Celebrate - Rose + Champagne / Maison Collection in 10oz jar 

Femme - Amber + White Musk + Sandalwood + Vetiver / Maison Collection in 10oz jar  + Tealight Collection in 6pc set 

Maple Sugar - Maple + Sugar / Maison Collection in 10oz jar 



Airy and radiant, with fragrances evoking a sense of renewal. 

Fresh - Clean Cotton / Petite Collection in 6.5oz jar 

Unwind - Eucalyptus + Spearmint / Petite Collection in 6.5oz jar 

Calm - Lavender + Lemongrass / Petite Collection in 6.5oz jar 

Bamboo - Bamboo + Teak / Petite Collection in 6.5oz jar 



Warm and nourishing, where exotic meets earthy fragrances. 

Namaste - Incense + Indonesian + White Copal + Patchouli + Champa / Maison Collection in 10oz jar 

Tranquility - Frankincense + Sage + Lemongrass / Maison Collection in 10oz jar  + Tealight Collection in 6pc set 

Relax - Lavender + Eucalyptus + Spearmint / Maison Collection in 10oz jar 

Meditate - Nag Champa + Sandalwood / Petite Collection in 6.5oz 

Evening - Midnight Jasmine + Frankincense / Petite Collection 6.5oz jar 


Now that we know our candle fragrance categories, let's determine what type of space you are working with and what your preferred fragrance intentions may be. You might be interested in uplifting the energy of a room or simply wanting to eliminate odours. 

Common areas could be a living room, a bedroom, an office space, a bathroom or a creative space where you connect with yourself. 


Our guide below can help you better dictate what scents may work best for your space. 



This is a space where a lot of time is spent and often used for entertaining as well. To create a warm and welcoming area, these candles are sure to be favourable - Passion, Celebrate, Namaste, & Maple Sugar. 



A fair amount of time is dedicated to being in our bedrooms and sometimes it is nice to be able to sit back & read a good book whilst being surrounded with lovely scents. The best candles to work with are - Rose Quartz, Unwind, & Evening.



You might be working from home or you have an actual office space you go to each day. Having a candle running on in the background with a subtle scent is sure to keep your senses alert but also bringing a sense of peace as you focus. Some of the candles that could work well for you are - Sunshine, Calm, & Bamboo.



It's always nice to give your bathroom some revitalization. Our candle suggestions would be - Roses, Fresh, & Relax.



This may simply be a dedicated space in your home where you connect with yourself through various activities such as meditation or working on a hobby. Candles that can work best here are - Femme, Tranquility, & Meditate.


One of our most popular collections are our Gemstone healing candles. Gemstones are powerful and bring a positive energy into your life. Maison Roses' Gemstone Collection is made with high quality premium fragrances that create a unique, unforgettable aroma. Infused with real gemstones, they will bring an amazing, welcoming aroma into your home.

These candles are 10 oz and will last over 60 hours of an amazing aroma. Once the candle is fully burned, you can keep the gorgeous gemstone in your home, to continue the positive aura in your home.



Let's explore our gemstone candle guide below.



Imagine a dreamy & cool aroma filling your home, carrying the energies of Aquamarine and Fluorite. Our unique-scented Aquamarine and Fluorite Soy Candle is bound to provoke a sense of positive vibrations and equilibrium - Aquamarine and Fluorite Soy Candle.



Uplifting energies, harmony and high vibrations is what our stunning Angel Aura Quartz Soy Candle presents to you. With the floral, yet woody notes amongst a few other ingredients paired with powerful gemstones, the candle provokes deep soul cleansing and is armoured with positivity - Angel Aura Quartz Soy Candle


Our gorgeous Amethyst Soy Candle was created with the intention to bring in beauty and positive energies into your atmosphere. Carrying a premium French lavender scent, this candle also invokes healing properties such as aura cleansing and protection - Amethyst Soy Candle


Love, the Universal language of our entire Cosmos, is the first attractive force in this wonderful gemstone and candle. It encourages self-love within while also promoting love in relationships and friendships - Rose Quartz Soy Candle



For those that want to experience the beautiful, majestic aura and aroma of all of these candles, you can purchase our bundle, with all 4 healing gemstone candles - Gemstone Bundle


We hope our Fragrance Guide has been a helpful tool for you in terms of picking scents that'll compliment the aura of your space. Happy Scent Picking friends!