Quarantine Away! How We Use Candles During Quarantine

Quarantine Away! How We Use Candles During Quarantine
A year into Quarantine and well, we are still in that bubble with the constant state of flux out there in the world. Who says you can't get creative and step outside the box. While you may feel limited, fear not because there are several at home ideas that we are about to share while making the most of this lockdown. We're all in this together and may we radiate our light into your Quarantine lifestyle! 


Maison Rose

Let's get to it with Maison Rose.

Working From Home? 

Grab that fresh brew of Americano on one side of your desk and light up Tranquility on the other! While working keeps your mind occupied, allow the caffeine to fuel you as Maison Rose adds a calming scent to help you balance out your energies. Focused yet tranquil, now that sounds like an ideal work day to us! 


Some days can be mentally taxing and physically exhausting while others flow effortlessly. Consistent stretching & deep breathing go a long way with grounding yourself. Your senses are sure to be heightened with this wonderful practice so allow yourself to enjoy the essence of our self-love candle Rose Quartz emitting peacefulness. Bonus, it comes with a gemstone! Maintain equilibrium within and your external environment will correspond. You could also mix it up with our other Candles for a shift of essence.

Lunch N' Movie

Whether you're solo or have a significant other, family or roommates in the same household - we have a pretty fun approach for you. It may be the one day you have off during the week or simply a Saturday. This calls for indulgence! Doing something in contrast to your routine brings a sense of appreciation and fulfillment allowing you to look forward to the next. Add sautéed mushrooms to a classic bowl of mac n' cheese for a quick and easy meal or cut up your favourites and call it a taco lunch (who says you have to follow Taco Tuesday anyways). Done prepping your delicious meal? Add a flame to Cozy while creating some ambience, throw on a movie & get ready to feast. A Saturday well spent.     


The traditional approach of taking a relaxing bath is always nice, but how about we take it up a notch? Grab your favourite skincare products, flow with some lo-fi beats or any music that brings joy to your ears and Femme it up! Taking good care of yourself on every level creates inner happiness so give yourself permission to embrace some self-flourishing time.  

Meal Prepping during a Pandemic...wait what? (Yes, you heard that right.) 

Oh boy, too many aromas from cutting up all those veggies - time to throw on the lovely overpowering scent of Maple Sugar. Sure, you might be in lockdown mode and wouldn't you want to just cook fresh meals every single day? If cooking is your favourite thing to do, by all means go for it! Doing a major food prep session on the weekend will set you up for success during the rest of the week. You still may want to cook but if you take care of a lot of the preparations beforehand, you could get out of the kitchen quicker each day. Meal prep allows more space into your life and some positives manifesting from that could be more time spent working on self development, starting a business, being with your loved ones, learning new skills, taking up a new hobby or getting extra rest - to name a few. Let your meal prep adventure be a joyful one with several Candles to choose from. 

Sharpen those Brain Powers 

Exercising your brain is just as vital as exercising your body or fuelling yourself with the right foods. They don't call it mind + body + soul connection for nothing. Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep your brain focused bringing forth clarity. Grab a pen and Relax whilst you sharpen your mind. 

Renew Your Space

Cleaning may not be something that you particularly love to do but it doesn't have to be that way. A clean environment fosters in positive energies naturally - it's like a mental switch going off in your mind bringing you an uplifting approach. Renew your space with Namaste and turn on a lounge-playlist. Better yet, finish off cleaning and enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine continuing to submerge yourself in Maison Rose's fragrances. Oh and don't forget to opt for chemical-free cleansers, freeing yourself of toxins which are better for your overall wellness. We're all about that, take a look at How We Make Our Candles.  

DIY Fun!

Do it yourself - pretty much anything. You might want to restore some products around your home, create fashionable pieces, build something or even give your place a revamp. Thanks to several resources out there from the internet to magazines, you can literally choose whatever you want to work on or find some diverse things to try. Get your creative juices flowing with Passion amongst many other fragrant choices while working on your DIY project - bringing a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure to your life. Need some DIY suggestions? Here's two. Love all things aesthetic? 1. Paint your own mugs using selective tones of pastel colours (be sure to use dishwasher & microwave safe paint). 2. Use your calligraphy skills with permanent markers on some motivational sayings that can easily be written on magnetic vent covers (can be purchased at hardware stores). These do act as magnets for your air vents but not limited to so, go wild! Simply cut into desirable sizes and voila, you now have a fridge door full of joyous words.

Simply Giving

The lockdown has kept people from seeing their loved ones and social gatherings entirely. This can definitely make one feel a type of way and while there are limits, you can still send a kind gesture to those whom you love without a special occasion. Spreading gratitude makes you feel good and thus, brings in more good energy. Order a naturally-scented batch of inviting candles from Maison Rose and pay it forward to your favourite humans. You can always throw in some delicious chocolates for those with a sweet tooth. Also be sure to check out 5 Ways to Use Candles This Valentine's Day, made with exclusive ideas to celebrate the day of love! In addition.

Happy Quarantining!