5 Ways to Use Candles This Valentine's Day

5 Ways to Use Candles This Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day 2021 is right around the corner which calls for an extra bit of love & warmth - especially for those in Winter season! Although this year has a different twist to it, there are always unique ways to celebrate this joyous occasion of love, pandemic-style.  



Whether you are gifting your significant other, parents, friends and / or relatives - we've got you covered with our wide-selection of oh-so-fragrant! candles. February fourteenth should be one to remember and we deliver to you - not just a product, but create an experience filled with aromatic blends, bringing a unique aspect to your atmosphere. What better way to enhance the day that the world celebrates love as a whole.   

Without further ado, let's talk about how to relish the day of love with Maison Rose.   

1) Vino Night

Can't get together? Thank goodness for technology and being able to host group video calls. How about a glass or few of some Rosé wine paired with our Celebrate soy candle - also scented with Rose & Champagne. Cover your ladies by ordering a couple of sets, all orders over $90 receive free shipping in Canada and the USA.

2) Surprise Surprise!

Who doesn't love getting a surprise? Being gifted unexpectedly is probably one of the nicest things you can do for another human. Yes, circumstances may not allow for get-togethers per se, but that doesn't mean you can't drop off gifts outside of homes! Imagine having your loved ones or friends open up the door to find a surprise package of luscious candles paired with a box of decadent donuts...double-win in this case!  

3) Classic Date Night

Staying in? Pair our Passion candle with your main course - opt for a heart-shaped pizza or get a little fancy with a hor'dourves bruschetta followed by fettuccine alfredo cooked in rosé sauce! Last but not least, our Maple Sugar candle is a perfect match for dessert hour, with its' buttery and rich scent. If you're feeling a little adventurous, end off with the romantic comedy film 'Serendipity' while relaxing and enjoying our candle, Cozy - providing a unique blend of ginger snap & pink sugar. Now that's what we call a good ol' date night done right. 

4) Love Thyself

We at Maison Rose believe in carving out time for yourself to replenish & recharge. Sometimes February 14th allows us to ride it out solo which brings the perfect opportunity for some self-love hence, we created a very special product just for you. Our newest addition is the Rose Quartz candle, topped with an elegant Rose Quartz gemstone & beautifully surfaced with fresh rose petals. Pure love in a jar - may this bring you delight and a gemstone to cherish which carries healing properties - to name a few ; universal love, self-love, harmony, deep inner-healing and peace. Light up our candles to invigorate your senses and delve in whichever self-love activity calls you whether it's baking a cake, watching your favourite movie or giving yourself an at-home spa treatment. If you're interested in other candles that bring a sense of relaxation, you can check out Tranquility and Relax. 

5) Precious Family Time

Perhaps you enjoy this day together as a family. With warmth & laughter and of course, great food, your Valentine's Day as a family is sure to be memorable! We came up with a fantastic brunch idea surrounded by our candles to create a very fitting environment. This day seriously calls for heart-shaped foods such as - waffles, butter-milk pancakes, french-toast, grilled-cheese, chocolate-dipped strawberries and perhaps a giant Nutella pizza...why not?! Beautify your kitchen or dining area with Celebrate, Maple Sugar, and Femme.  

Valentine's Day Maison Rose

Not sure what Candle to purchase? Don't sweat it! We also sell E-Gift cards with the following denominations - $25, $50 & $100. It's another generous way of gifting others and it'll leave room for selecting any fragrances they desire.  

A little token of love does go a long way and we want to make sure that you are receiving the best quality of products. We strive to create a memorable experience for you - filled with different types of aromas to fit your taste. We always like to mention that all of our candles are 100% plant-based, combined with eco-friendly packaging to minimize our carbon footprint. Take a gander here to learn more about how we make our products.  

Support our small business from Ontario and share some hand-poured delicacies Fait Avec Amour (Made With Love) with yourself and your loved ones. Let Maison Rose  be a part of spreading love and good vibes on your Valentine's Day.