Our Artisan Soaps - Part II

Our Artisan Soaps - Part II

Well hello again! In our last blog post : Our Artisan Soaps - Part I, we went into the fine and fun details of some of the ingredients we use in our soap-making process. We primarily covered Natural Oils however, in this post - we will be going into nature's remarkable beauty of Essential Oils, which are used in Our Handmade Soaps of course. Essential Oils are very invigorating, invoke earthy scents and can promote several health benefits. Let's get into it!


All of our botanical soaps are imbued with Natural Oils and Luxury Body Butters, which we covered in Our Artisan Soaps - Part I. In each fancy soap you will find the respective Essential Oils used, paired up with their wellness benefits. 

Belle Natural Artisan Soap - This one's a dreamy blend of Lavender and Rosemary. Lavender is very popular in the world of Essential Oils and some of the benefits that can be seen by it are : a reduction in skin inflammation, minimizing blemishes, helps with relieving a headache, relaxes your muscles, and provides a serene effect on the mind. Rosemary on the other hand, is another powerful herb that holds a very unique and inviting scent. This Essential Oil may cover things like : balancing out your skin, providing your body with an energizing feeling, reducing stress, improve your mood, providing relief from soreness, and is soothing overall. A savoury aroma to boost your skin!

Turquoise Natural Artisan Soap - With a pop of colour, this beauty is infused with French Lavender and Litsea. Not all that different from Lavender as previously mentioned, French Lavender has a sweet scent and may benefit in the sense of : being an antiseptic and cleansing the body, encouraging blood flow, helps relieve body aches, promotes relaxation, and could assist in relieving anxiety. With a citrus aroma, Litsea Essential Oil is also sweet and brings a soothing effect to the body. It may provide benefits such as : uplifting one's mood, revitalizes your skin, is antimicrobial, stimulating, and could help with clearing respiratory issues. With this duo of Essential Oils, you're getting the perfect bit of boost while relaxing at the same. 

Aqua Natural Artisan Soap - We like to call this one an extravaganza of Essential Oils! First off, we have Sweet Orange which is like a pop of a tangy scent. Sweet Orange Essential Oil may work for you in terms of calming anxiety, promoting better sleep, is antibacterial, and can rejuvenate the skin due to its antioxidant qualities providing skin protection. The next goes by the lovely name of Patchouli Essential Oil. Known for its musky aroma, Patchouli may provide grounding benefits, holds quite the calming scent, eases tension and could act as a wonderful deodorant. Then we have Lemon Essential Oil : a beautiful citrus incense that tends to be both a mood and energy booster, and can promote healthier skin. Lastly, we have Rosemary which was highlighted in the first soap as previously written : Belle Natural Artisan Soap. To sum it up, Rosemary is a soothing and powerful herb that can help balance out your skin. 

Refresh Natural Artisan Soap - Patchouli + Spearmint, what a duo! Noted above, Patchouli Essential Oil promotes a musky aroma and then there's Spearmint. Since Spearmint has the word Mint in it - yup you guessed it right...this one is not very far off from Mint! Since they are basically family members, the scent that comes from Spearmint is quite similar to Mint however, it is slightly sweeter and less peppermint-y. Spearmint Essential Oil is popular and known for : mood elevation, increasing focus and, bringing forth revitalizing qualities. Imagine breathing in a fresh incense of musk and mint as you lather up your body in this energizing soap.

Rouge Natural Artisan Soap - This gorgeous handmade soap has the following Essential Oils incorporated into it : Litsea, Rosemary, Cassia, and Lavender. Since we have covered Litsea, Rosemary, and Lavender - we will keep this one simple and focus on the benefits of Cassia. The Essential Oil Cassia can have calming effects on one's senses, leaves a sense of warmth on your skin as you use it, can help with balancing out focus, and may work to promote circulation. Cassia falls along the lines of the scent of Cinnamon - pretty sweet and a self-care treat from our Rouge Soap. 

Tea Tree Natural Artisan Soap - Tea Tree Essential Oil, one that we definitely could not leave out of our handmade soaps. It holds numerous benefits that we didn't want to pass up on. Made with pure simplicity, this handmade delight only contains one Essential Oil which is Tea Tree. You might have heard about it with the growing number of companies that tend to incorporate it into their products as it is one of the top health-benefitting Essential Oils out there. To highlight some of the excellent properties that this Essential Oil may provide you with are : it is antibacterial and can assist with eliminating body odour especially if you have an active lifestyle, can enhance beautiful skin, help ward off skin infections, minimize and heal bruises or cuts, and reduce skin blemishes. We have used Tea Tree in smaller doses in this handmade soap as we wanted it to be fitting for all skin types, preventing any irritation. Clean and fresh, with an amazing scent!

Noir Natural Artisan Soap - Noir is scented with the Essential Oils : Rosemary, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Tea Tree. We are glad you have taken part in reading our blog post and coming this far, but to keep it short and sweet as we come to the end, we shall focus on Clary Sage Essential Oil for this part as the others have been covered. The benefits of Clary Sage may entail : a reduction in stress, antibacterial properties, helping with muscle stiffness, and could help calm the skin. 

Every Essential Oil is unique and provides wonderful benefits so, we hope that our write-up can help point an arrow in the right direction about choosing the right Essential Oil Soap for you. We at Maison Rose are always here to help and answer any further questions, in which you are free to reach out to us via our Contact Form. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. Enjoy our quality-filled, natural and luscious handmade soaps paired up with eco-friendly packaging materials!