Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration

Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration

Love makes the world go around as Deon Jackson said it. What a beautiful thing it is for such a day to exist that occurs once a year. In the hustle and bustle of life, to take the time out to appreciate Valentine's Day is truly special. You could celebrate self-love, love for your significant other, love for your family or friends, and your pets too. We at Maison Rose have come up with a couple of creative ideas on how to feel thankful for the essence of love. Valentine's Day comes down to one thing - appreciation. Let's get into this blog! 


Valentine's Day Gift Box

So how can one show appreciation?

Show yourself some love! - If you are solo or not, what matters is to cherish some me-time. One can go through so much in their lives and get caught up in simply being busy. That body of yours pushes and pulls, putting in a tremendous amount of effort nearly every day. Sometimes that could lead to burn-out. Your mind, body and soul deserve to be nourished. 'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.' -Jim Rohn 

If you are on-the-go and only have an hour to spare - lather yourself in our natural and nourishing, vanilla + walnut scented Love Natural Artisan Soap. The essence of this body soap will leave your skin feeling smooth and fragrant throughout the day. One thing might make you crave a vanilla flavoured latte! Treat yourself. We also happen to have a ravishing, self-love gemstone-infused Rose Quartz Soy Candle. This floral and rich scent is fragranced with rose water, lily petals and patchouli, and is intricately decorated with real flowers. You'll want to really savour this one.

Natural Artisan SoapRose Quartz Soy Candle

Wondering what to get your S.O? (Significant Other) - Perfectly curated for Valentine's Day, our Je T'aime - Valentine's Day Luxury Gift Box spells out I love you with all the natural wellness goodies it contains. Imagine your S.O unboxing a Rose Quartz infused candle + decorated with real dried roses, both heart-shaped ; a bath bomb + body soap - made with luscious fragrances, and a handmade lavender-scented Himalayan and epsom bath salt blend. A luxe box of perfection - covered in rose petals and gift-wrapped with a luxurious pink bow! Expect a heart-warming smile in return from your special person.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Gifting several people? - Since we are finding ourselves in the middle of the Winter season in some parts of the globe, there is a tendency to gravitate towards specific scents that compliment a season. It's cold out and one sits all cozy by their fire place - perhaps sipping a cappuccino. Imagine the joy it can bring someone, with the scents of apple cinnamon, vanilla, bakery, and cafe aromas! Our Blanche Collection has a variety of natural and opulent scents, hand-poured into gorgeous 10 oz white matte jars topped with a rose gold lid. These candles make for an excellent, quality-filled and minimalist gift. What a beautiful way to say Happy Valentine's to those unique individuals in your lives - be it family, friends, teachers or your neighbours! 


Spending Valentine's Day with the girls? - Are you and your girls always about positive energy? Our Healing Gemstone Gift Box comes with four gorgeous, gemstone-infused candles with beautifying scents. We have Angel Aura Quartz scented with lotus petals, amber, succulent plumb and sandalwood - truly angelic ; Rose Quartz provokes aromas of rose water, lily petals and patchouli - pure sophistication ; Amethyst is full of a classy premium French lavender incense - fine elegance ; and lastly, Aquamarine and Fluorite carries fragrances of pear, melon, freesia, rose, lily and patchouli - euphoric. If you have more than four people, these candles can be purchased individually as well and, our newest addition under The Gemstone Collection is Citrine and Tiger's Eye with notes of cedarwood, amber, incense, Indonesian white copal and patchouli - powerful and majestic. Each of these candles carry unique healing properties. Let this one be a day of good vibes. 

Gemstone CandlesCitrine and Tiger's Eye Candle

We hope that you are inspired by our ideas at Maison Rose and we would love to make your 2022 Valentine's Day memorable.