The Crystal of Universal Love – Rose Quartz

The Crystal of Universal Love – Rose Quartz

Love is the universal language of our entire cosmos, and the Crystal of love is considered to be Rose Quartz. Being quite an alluring Crystal - it is known to carry positive, loving and healing energies.

Our Rose Quartz Soy Candle happens to be a customer favourite! This beautiful candle is infused with Rose Quartz Crystals and Real Roses. Allow us to unravel the wonderful properties of this popular Crystal - it may just bring some extra loving vibes into your life! This is the Maison Rose guide on everything to know about the beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal.

Rose Quartz Soy Candle
What is Rose Quartz and What Does it Represent? 

Most would agree that love is a human need, and it is something we could have more of in our lives than ever. Life is full of ups and downs, but if you have love, that might trump all obstacles! Rose Quartz, the Crystal centred around self-love and strengthening relationships. In addition, this Crystal draws in more love! One benefit of using Rose Quartz in one's life could be to bring uplifting energies during hardship or grief, drawing in inner tranquillity, healing, and building trust within the self and amongst relationships. 

Rose Quartz is also an excellent gift to give to a person struggling with self-love in the form of a pendant, infused candle, or bracelet. When it comes to love, most people think it only relates to the romantic aspects; however, this Crystal may help grow love within friendships and assist in clear communication with the people who matter to you.

The History of Rose Quartz 

The first records of Rose Quartz's existence go back to 1913 -1915 at Mount Mica Quarry in Maine, USA. However, researchers first discovered these Crystals in 7000 BC in Mesopotamia, which is now known as Iraq. It has been noted that jewelry was crafted using Rose Quartz Crystals in that period - and indeed in today's age!

The Assyrians and Romans first used the stone, and it's been said that they believed it had powerful magic and could prevent aging. In the middle ages, these Crystals were used in 'healing potions' and 'quartz amulets' because people believed they assisted in balancing out negative emotions. Nowadays, a vast amount of Rose Quartz can be found in places such as Germany, India and Canada.

Rose Quartz

How Do I Use Rose Quartz?

Before buying a Crystal, it is a good idea to approach it positively. The Crystal can be carried simply as a stone or worn in a necklace or bracelet. Other ways to incorporate it into your life include a Candle - placed next to your bedside or desk. You can get our Rose Quartz Soy Candle to burn and enjoy the aromas and another just for decor! 

The attractive benefits of lighting this candle are an increase in concentration while working or studying, bringing in positive vibes, and serving as a reminder that the energy of love surrounds you! Going back to carrying a simple Crystal, this can also be placed under your pillow, which is known to help get a good night's rest - filled with relaxing, calming and peaceful vibes and warding off bad dreams. 

Another great way to add Rose Quartz into your lifestyle is in your skincare routine by using a face roller or gua sha made out of this Crystal. You would cleanse your face as usual, apply your regular facial cream or serum, and use either tool to give your skin a natural boost and lift. Perfect ritual to end the night!

As you can see, there are several ways to incorporate Rose Quartz into your life - taking you closer to self-love. The beautiful thing about any of these forms of the Crystal is that you choose what intention you would like to set forth before using it.

Rose Quartz Healing

What are Some Benefits and Healing Properties of Rose Quartz?

From the law of attraction standpoint, Rose Quartz can be a fantastic Crystal for manifestation as it is centred around self-love. Here's some food for thought - if you don't hold love for yourself, how could you attract the things you love? Sometimes this can stem from a place of not feeling deserving. Not only does Rose Quartz helps with inner healing, but physical healing as well. Improvements may be seen in blood circulation and boosting heart health. The Crystal contains trace amounts of minerals such as iron and manganese - all of which could strengthen heart muscles and release impurities from the body. Rose Quartz may also help with healing from trauma or emotional wounds.

During the Roman era, Rose Quartz was used to maintain youth and beauty as the Romans believed it contained magical powers! It was believed to help smoothen wrinkles and leave one's skin glowing.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz and Chakras

Rose Quartz is known to fill a person's life with beauty and love! The chakra that would closely associate with Rose Quartz is called the heart chakra, and when this energy centre is open, it can draw in love and provide one with a boost of energy. A well-functioning heart chakra helps to clear emotional blockages bringing in balance. Once the base chakra - located at the bottom of the spine, is aligned with the heart chakra, it can harmonize all of the energy centres (chakras). 

In today's time, Rose Quartz is popular in healing the chakras, and an excellent example of this would be seen in an energy healing session. Typically a client would be lying down and have the respective Crystal placed on the heart chakra (in this case), and a healing practice would follow. Some people may even try this at home if they have the experience and understanding behind the process! Perhaps a transformation that softens the heart! 

As mentioned, our Rose Quartz Soy Candle is the best seller from our Crystal Collection. The trio of real dried roses, authentic Crystals, and an alluring rose scent will leave your atmosphere with an added touch of beautifying energies and return to Maison Rose for more. We are sending positive energies over!