Maison Rose's Holiday Gift Guide

Maison Rose's Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner and all the local shops being pretty occupied, it's easy to start feeling overwhelmed on what gifts to buy for your loved ones this season. We at Maison Rose have curated a Holiday Gift Guide to help spark some ideas on unique and luscious presents to bring a smile on the faces of those that you adore! A White Christmas morning, savouring some freshly baked gingerbread cookies, sipping cappuccinos and unwrapping gifts...sounds pretty joyful doesn't it? 


      Christmas Ornaments

First up are our intricate Gift Boxes - below you will find a variety of options that you might just fancy! 

Glow Goddess Gift Box - To simply brighten up one's day and crafted for those that love the essence of warmer months. In this lovely box, you'll find our popular Sunshine Soy Candle made with a citrus and sage blend, our fruity Tropical Candle scented with pomegranate and mango, the Goddess Bath Salt Soak infused with sweet orange, and lastly a luscious 100% Organic Soap Bar with the aromas of spearmint and lemon.    


Rose Lovers Gift Box - A box of elegance made for rose lovers. Designed with a rose gold aesthetic, this gift box contains a Rose Gold Tealight Candle Stand which is handcrafted by our in-house Artisan, a Rose-scented 6-Pack Tealight Set, an intricately decorated Rose Quartz infused Gemstone Candle, a Champagne-scented Candle and a Rose-shaped + hand-poured Vegan Soap made with pink french clay + lavender + rosemary. To top it off, our Rose Gold Wick Trimmer - a gorgeous statement piece that acts as both decor and ofcourse made to trim a candle wick. Such an ensemble to try! 


Healing Gemstone Gift Box - Know of someone that could use some uplifting, positive energies in their life? Our bundle carries healing properties, aesthetically pleasing candles, infused with gemstones and enchanting fragrances. These Soy Candles go by - Angel Aura Quartz which is floral and woody, Amethyst holds a premium French lavender incense, Aquamarine and Fluorite is scented with pear + melon + freesia + rose + lily + patchouli...a very popular fragrance in our store, and fourth, Rose Quartz will leave an atmosphere feeling sophisticated with its floral and rich aroma. FYI - these candles come in 10 oz reusable luxurious apothecary jars topped with a rose gold lid and burn for 60 plus hours.  


Those are a couple of our Gift Boxes but if you would like to explore additional options, we promise we have more in store for you here.

Next we have our minimalist Tealight Stands. 

Handcrafted with precision, made to perfection and complimenting as a timeless centrepiece. Luxe speaks ultimate simplicity and pure sophistication, finished with matte black. Included are 3 beautiful golden, mini round glass jars that fit on the stand, to place tealights within. On the other hand we have our sleek Élégante Tealight Stand that holds space for 3 classic and clear, mini square glass jars in which tealights are to be placed in. This one is finished with a silver metallic look. With either of these candle holders, you will receive a 6-Pack Tealight Set of your choice from a selection of 7 aromas - read more about the various scents here. Both of these tealight holders follow the dimensions of H 2.5'' x W 11'' x D 4''.



If you are looking for something on a smaller scale - perhaps as a stocking stuffer, we carry smaller candles and most definitely have single 10 oz candles up for grabs as well. 

Our 6-Pack Set of Soy Candles were made precisely for Christmas. Firstly we have the Apple Cinnamon Luxury Candle Set - hand-poured in dazzling, mini golden finished jars. Bringing forth sweetness and warmth, the joyful scents to experience with this set are apple, cinnamon and nutmeg. Secondly, you can never go wrong with peppermint during the holiday season! Our Candy Cane Luxury Candle Set brings just that, also hand-poured into mini silver finished posh jars. Imagine the sweet and eloquent aroma of candy canes - a simple yet classic scent. Each single candle in the 6-Pack Set will burn for a minimum of 10 hours plus more.



Last but not least, our single 10 oz Soy Candles as mentioned, specifically from Maison Rose's Winter Collection

Cashmere Consisting of cashmere, spruce, musk and vanilla - imagine such forest-y scents filled with freshness and woody notes! This candle is completely natural and is a perfect addition to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year - here's a little Andy Williams to listen to whilst choosing gifts. 


Coffee Cake & Spice - Coffee, cake, spice and all things nice really. Know anyone who fancies a spiced beverage flavoured scent and who loves coffee + cake? You have come to the right place. Soothing, delicious and rich aromas!


Cozy - We're talking exclusivity here. A blend of ginger snap and pink sugar, too perfect for the season and holidays. We like to call this one A Winter Treat. Bound to carry a warm glow and bring comfort but may also put the person this gift is for, in the mood to bake some decadent Christmas cookies! 


We promise that your options are not limited to only what's showcased in our Holiday Gift Guide. Rather yet, our store has a wide spectrum of wellness products such as Bath Salt Soaks, Soaps, other Candle Collections and more. Some of our products do come with the option of adding gift wrap ; in a beautiful white gift box with a luxurious bow for a small fee when completing your purchase process. Head onto our website to grab some excellent Christmas deals! 

Maison Rose is all about creating natural and sustainable products as we truly care about the wellness of each and every customer of ours, and of course the planet. Celebrate Christmas in style with Maison Rose! Happy Holidays.