Enhance Your Self-Care: The Benefits of Crystals in Your Routine

Enhance Your Self-Care: The Benefits of Crystals in Your Routine

Incorporating crystals into your self-care routine is an effective way to enhance your overall well-being. Crystals have healing properties that help you balance energy, reduce stress, and improve your mood. Using these tools, you can create a sense of calm, clarity, and peace. As someone who has incorporated crystals into my self-care routine, I can vouch for their transformative power! Using crystals was a powerful start to enhance my overall self-care and created a sense of peace in my daily life. This is why Maison Rose created self-care products in the soy candle and bath bomb lines - to give that extra positivity and serenity.

In this blog, we'll explore the different crystals we use at Maison Rose within our products and their unique benefits.


One way to incorporate crystals into your routine is during meditation. What we like to do is burn a crystal soy candle to help one focus and reduce stress during meditation. With everyday stress, it can get difficult to focus, and that is where the grounding energy of crystals comes in. 

The calming effects of Amethyst can be very beneficial. Amethyst is well-known for balance, the mind-body-soul connection, meditation, enhancing psychic abilities, positivity and rising above daily stresses. As it is a powerful crystal, it has many amazing benefits to assist with decreasing stress, fear, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, anger and minimizing negativity as a whole. This makes it a fantastic option for meditation. 

Now Rose Quartz on the other hand is very popularly used during meditation. It is known for its expansion of consciousness, expressing truths and aura cleansing. Rose Quartz could be used as a propelling force through meditation to allow deep internal healing, create peacefulness, and open your heart up to grace. And if you are looking to connect with your femininity, it helps attract self-love and positivity. 

Cleanse Negative Energy

We get it - there are energies everywhere, and as individuals, it's so important we protect ourselves from the negative ones. We like to recommend using crystals to cleanse negative energy and promote a sense of calm in your living space. One of our favourite crystals for this is Black Tourmaline, a highly protective crystal. It is known to be the "guardian in the shadows" as it exudes an air of elegant protection. It stands as a sentinel against negative energies and doubt, fortifying your spirit with a shield of strength. 

Incorporating Aquamarine into the self-care routine of cleaning negative energies is a powerful way to enhance calmness and promote well-being. This blue-green crystal is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. Aquamarine offers support, clearance of mental turbulence, compassion for others and a sharp intellect and intuition. 

Stand In Your Truth

Fluorite is an excellent option when it comes to stand in your truth, while aura cleaning and expanding your consciousness. It is important for us to remove draining energies from our life when it comes to standing your truth. Fluorite helps with clear decision making, and inner balance. Cleanse your aura with Fluorite! 

Standing in your truth all starts with inner peace. And that is why Clear Quartz is another recommendation to accomplish just this. Known as the "master healer," Clear Quartz intensifies energy and the revitalization of the mind, body and soul. This crystal can be used for healing and uplifting. It is aura cleansing, which helps bring balance to the chakras, washing away stale and draining energies. What is beneficial about this is the fact that you can have a clear mind when making decisions, ultimately leading to standing your ground!

Mood Balancing

We love Citrine, which is also known as the sunshine crystal; made to brighten your world. Citrine is known to be a mood balancer and enhancer. It helps release dense energies and helps tap into the flow of healing energy. It is an excellent crystal when it comes to bringing in good fortune and emotional health. Additionally, as the sacral chakra, it brings enhancements in your everyday life. 

How about taking a bath with an Amethyst crystal? Yes - we have bath bombs infused with crystals too! A customer-favourite is our Amethyst-infused bath bomb, named Fleur with lavender notes. We infused this bath bomb with Amethyst because a bath is supposed to be grounding; it is supposed to calm you down, resulting in a balanced mood and emotions. Amethyst is used for stress and anxiety relief, emotional healing, meditation and mindfulness, plus improved sleep. This makes our Amethyst-infused bath bomb perfect for a night-time bath. 


At Maison Rose we firmly believe that self-love is the most important love out there. You need to love yourself first. We created two Rose Quartz infused products to help with connecting with yourself. We have our Rose Quartz candle and our Rose Quartz bath bomb shaped like a heart for its self-love! Rose Quartz promotes divine feminine energy, protection of the womb during pregnancy, allowing forgiveness towards yourself and others, attracting love and overall positivity. Remember, "If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works." This is a beautiful quote by the famous Louise Hay. 

Prepare to Enhance Your Self-Care with Crystals

It is time to give yourself the love you deserve! Browse our Maison Rose selection and find the crystals that resonate with you and your lifestyle. If you need an extra helping hand, reach out to our team - we use crystals on a daily basis and love to have them in our lives.

Wishing you health and positivity, beautiful souls!