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Spring Decluttering + Candle Decor

In today's blog post, we get into the aesthetics of using candles as decor pieces in your environment. If you are ready to give your space a fresh feel, join in to read. We at Maison Rose hope to send some design inspiration your way, just in time for Spring Solstice 2022. 


Why Purchase A Soy Candle?

Hint, all of our candles are hand-poured using a natural vegan soy wax with a natural wax coated cotton wick for fast fragrance release. Expect the essence of nature to unfold.

Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration

Love makes the world go around as Deon Jackson said it. What a beautiful thing it is for such a day to exist that occurs once a year. In the hustle and bustle of life, to take the time out to appreciate Valentine's Day is truly special.

A Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism - a fine word used in today's time in place of the word simplicity. A lifestyle that highlights living with minimal items in order to enjoy the simple pleasures of life ; experiences over materials. A candle. A cup of freshly brewed espresso.


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