Taking A Day Off For Yourself

Burnout. Does this term sound familiar? Burnout is when your mind, body and soul have hit a point of where you can basically no longer force yourself to carry on with an activity. Sheer exhaustion. As one journeys through the adventure of life, Maison Rose wants to chat up on what it means to hold space for yourself.


Take Time To Smell The Roses 

Let's start this blog post on the right foot. By no means is this being translated into skipping out on a project, cancelling meetups, and basically...making excuses! The purpose of our writing is to simply highlight a clear message - Take Time To Smell The Roses. Reaching a point of burnout is a very real thing and many people experience it. We are at a point in time where go-go-go is the norm and if you aren't being productive, it can be perceived as a negative trait. No toxic vibes here!


Here is an interesting thought. Think of two humans. Person A gets at least 7 hours of rest before the next day at work. Person B thinks it is best to reduce the amount of sleep to let's say 3 hours or, skip sleeping altogether and pull an all-nighter. On the physical, emotional and mental level - who do you think is going to be more efficient? Person A. Why? This individual has refuelled themselves. Metaphorically speaking, a non-stop washing machine is asking for problems. 

Pause. Revitalize. Go!

Sometimes there are a lot of responsibilities that one has to take on and having even one day off may not be possible. You have to do what you have to do. However, to carve out even a little space in your day to allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate on all levels goes a long way. There comes a time where you have got to put your foot down, set boundaries and tend to your body's needs. Climbing out of a place where you have literally driven yourself into exhaustion isn't easy. It takes time to rebalance yourself. Save yourself from that burden and instead, focus on taking smaller steps to give your soul the time it needs to get back up and hustle.


B A L A N C E 

At Maison Rose, we are all about Wellness + Nature. We aren't just here to sell products, but to make a positive impact for each of our customers to help promote well-being on a mind, body and soul level. While each of our creations contain their individual benefits, we want to highlight a few items that may help bring some balance into your life paired with the concept of Planning + Organizing.

When you have everything down in a notebook or written in your phone notes, you have given your brain a chance to declutter. Make it a habit to keep everything noted down and delegated into the week so that when it's go time, you know what needs to get done thus, allowing you to also create a space to unwind.

Our Aquamarine + Fluorite Soy Candle holds the mesmerizing scents of Pear, Melon, Freesia, Rose, Lily & Patchouli, and is infused with Gemstones. Crystal energy + beautiful aromas to make your planning process seamless!

A feel-good vibe is our Sunshine Soy Candle - made to brighten your day...infused with Real Dried Flowers and the aromas of Sage + Citrus. 

With Summer coming up, the Sangria Soy Candle is seriously going to bring out a joyful vibe. Heck, you might even be tempted to make yourself a sangria and sip it whilst writing out your agenda. Think about those scents of Red Currant + Thyme. 

If you're a coffee lover, this next one is perfect for you. The Coffee Cake & Spice Soy Candle consists of a spicy, rich and warm aroma...as if you're sitting in a café but within your own home or office space. 

Gemstone CandlesSunshine Soy CandleSangria Soy CandleCoffee Candles

Do what it takes to give yourself the reset you need because when you honour that true feeling emerging from within your soul, you are in the flow state. We'll save what the flow state means for another post. Adieu for now xo

- Maison Rose

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