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Candles for Summer Solstice 2021

Candles for Summer Solstice 2021

It's a Summer fiesta! Let's face it - it's been well over a year now since the world has been living a quarantine lifestyle pretty much. As things ease up and with restrictions being lifted in the upcoming weeks, there definitely is more freedom to be had where we can expand the way we enjoy ourselves and get more social - all in perfect timing for Summer 2021. In the last few months, Maison Rose has been cultivating a brand new Summer Collection. That's right! Beach vibes straight out of your backyard and perfected with high quality fragrances to indulge in, on a warm Summer night. Read on to catch some insights into our latest products and some hot tips on how to use these beauties. 



 To align with our Summer aesthetic, we opted for pink matte glass jars with high durability that could be used both outdoors and indoors. Each of these 10 oz candles are topped with a beautiful, golden lid which can be a great reusable jar. Oh and by the way, being a health-conscious brand, all of our products are made using natural soy wax!           

Summer Collection

Mmm a delicious scent of Hawaiian Plumeria is definitely going to feel like you're at the beach, simply from your backyard! Our Aloha Soy Candle is a floral, sweet and summery ensemble. Set yourself up with a delicious, charcuterie board or a platter of some exotic fruits - also don't forget the daiquiris! 

Wine - something that many can admit to simply being a fine pleasure. Whether you drink wine or not, we came up with a candle called the Sweet Wine Soy Candle and this is surely going to bring a fruity element to you. Light up this essence whilst relaxing at home or bring on this showstopper at your next Summer backyard party or bbq. Hint, you'll probably have a bit more of a heightened sense of picking up this luscious scent as you enjoy a glass of some delicious rosé or white wine with your sweetheart or some of your closest friends. 


Imagine sitting on your very own terrace or in your backyard watching a gorgeous sunset, with a string of beautiful patio lights above and of course, the aroma of lavender and bergamot surrounding your oasis. Our Daydream Soy Candle is the perfect cherry on top to complete a fulfilling, Summer night with the incense of strong and exotic florals. This might just be the perfect candle to give you an immense amount of pleasure and relaxation after what may have been a bustling, busy work day. 


Anybody celebrating a Summer birthday? The biggest advantage for Summer babies is that they get to actually celebrate their birthday outdoors! Decorate your backyard space with some delightful balloons and streamers, surrounding the atmosphere with a couple of our Tropical Soy Candles - conveying the enticing fragrances of some juicy mangoes and pomegranate. It's all in the details and this will definitely be a memorable birthday for whoever you are celebrating and for those attending! Oh and don't forget the cake! 


Bonus idea! Take Summer to the next level by having a picnic at the beach and bring our Summer Collection alongside! Enjoy sitting on the sand, catching a dreamy sunset by the ocean and feel mesmerized by our alluring scents. 

         Maison Rose

Kick off this season with some fun-filled activities and much needed togetherness with the people whom you adore - this is what Maison Rose calls carpe diem (seize the day - or night)! Lastly these luxurious and elegant pink jar candles are sure to be a lovely gift.