Gemstone Candles - What is Tiger's Eye?

At Maison Rose, one of our specialities we are known for are our Gemstone Candles. In this post, we will be talking about the very fierce Tiger's Eye Gemstone, which happens to be infused into our Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle. Let us get into the details of this fine and rare Gem - what it represents and how to use it.


Tiger's Eye Gemstones

What is Tiger's Eye and what does it represent? - Tiger's Eye is a part of the Chalcedony mineral class family and has a silky texture along with an opaque transparency. It commonly is available in a red-brown shade and can generally be found in Australia, South Africa, and the US. Tiger's Eye is traditionally used as a protective necklace and to repel curses. One that carries this Crystal may be able to pull in their inner strength and use the Gem for protection.

To distinguish whether a Tiger's Eye Gemstone is authentic or not - here's a tip : Since this Gemstone is a type of Quartz, it has a distinct shine than the rest. When you are taking a look at the Crystal, it should look like glass when you hold it to the light. Due to its small size, Tiger's Eye is a rare find worldwide and has also become less available in the countries mentioned above. 

Citrine & Tiger's Eye Soy Candle

The History of Tiger's Eye - Back in the days, warriors considered this Gemstone to be of high value. They believed that it offered the warriors protection and strength during wars. During those times, ancient Roman soldiers really trusted the Gemstone as it resembled an eye that looked immensely powerful. The ancient Chinese believed that the Crystal brought them good fortune if worn. In Eastern culture, the animal - tiger is representative of integrity, power and courage ; which people believed that the Gemstone itself held those qualities.

Bengali Tiger

Benefits and Healing properties of Tiger's Eye - Tigers Eye is believed to encourage self-confidence and inner strength. It may also promote one to take charge of their own power and could help to work out emotional blocks. The Gem is believed to be bold and has a lot of supportive energy which may help to attract wealth as well. It could propel one to accomplish whatever they set their mind to, and can help perceive certain obstacles as challenges. If a person has toxic feelings towards something or someone, Tiger's Eye could help transform those feelings into a optimistic approach. This Gemstone gets its healing properties from a mix of the sun and earth elements, which causes it to give inspiring and positive vibrations.

In terms of physical healing properties, Tiger's Eye helps balance the endocrine system. It could also help with obtaining higher energy and a faster metabolism. The Gemstone may also be effective in assisting with one's personal biochemistry in regards to bringing equilibrium within. For those that suffer from seasonal depression, Tiger's Eye may help relieve the weight on the days where one feels low. 

The Gemstone can also help strengthen relationships with oneself and others. For people that tend to struggle with self-worth, Tiger's Eye may work to steer away from the toxic energy and assist with bringing in more self-confidence. To balance the lower chakras, the Gemstone could act as a comforting companion. 


Tiger's Eye and the Chakras - The properties of Tiger's Eye may help with alignment in connection to the third chakra in a system of seven chakras. This Gemstone could work to clear any imbalances from the third chakra, leaving the person feeling very powerful, confident, and filled with positive energy. As Tiger's Eye is associated with yellow Gemstones, the third chakra also happens to be yellow - this Gem can help you trust yourself and bring in clarity when it comes to making bigger decisions. If your third chakra is balanced, the properties of Tiger's Eye could help empower and motivate you. The third chakra is focused on safety and strength - helping people feel grounded and connected to earth, resulting in exploration of their spirituality. If one doesn’t have a solid foundation of these chakras, it can be really tricky to feel confident and comfortable. Once the third chakra is balanced using the Tiger's Eye Crystal, it could help you begin to trust yourself and enable you to make decisions more clearly.

At Maison Rose, we strive to bring value in the content we create. We hope that the details in this post have benefitted you in one way or another. P.S. Our Citrine and Tiger's Eye Soy Candle smells absolutely amazing - scented with Cedarwood, Amber, Incense, Indonesian White Copal, and Patchouli!

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