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Gemstone Candles - Aquamarine and Fluorite

Gemstone Candles - Aquamarine and Fluorite

We think you may be catching onto our latest trend with our most recent blog posts  - Gemstones! This one is going to be focused on our enchanting Aquamarine and Fluorite Soy Candle, which is definitely a customer favourite. A rich, floral and sweet, yet cool aroma topped with beautiful healing Crystals...imagine that! 


Gemstone Candles

What is Aquamarine and what does it represent? - The Aquamarine Gemstone is a stunning light blue Crystal and is used for emotional clarity. The word Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words — first one “aqua” that means water and second “marine” that means sea. It's a strong Gemstone that is known to carry healing vibes which may calm the body and mind. This Gem is also associated with clarity, harmony and tranquility. The gorgeous sea blue represents rebirth, purity and hope. Aquamarine also carries powers that may assist with personal development, which allows us to remain true to our values and in turn, helps us communicate and express our feelings openly.

Aquamarine Gemstone

What is Fluorite and what does it represent? - The Gemstone Fluorite can be transparent and it comes in different colours such as purple, green, yellow, black, clear, and pink to name a few. This Crystal received its name because of the fluorescent light it emits when held from certain angles giving it a glow. Fluorite comes from the Latin word “flux” which means the flow. It is known for its energetic healing properties and to absorb all the negative energy from one's body and mind. Fluorite may convert negative energy into positive energy which could boost mental clarity and assist in gaining some peace of mind. 

Fluorite Gemstone

The History of Aquamarine - Everything about this crystal is based around water from its name to its color. The aquamarine comes from the beryl family and its cuts originated from Brazil. It was believed that the sea merchants would carry Aquamarine with them in order to protect themselves from drowning. The Greeks believed that it acted like a safe passage while going through a stormy sea. The Egyptians believed that the crystal was a symbol of happiness. This particular crystal is known for clarity and mental enhancement. It may help with clearing up negative energy and bringing clarity forth in decision making. 

The History of Fluorite - It was originally found in Mexico and Brazil which is a large reason why it brings sun-like-energy. Fluorite was initially known as Fluorspar as that was the name of the mine it was found at, and was discovered somewhere around the 1842s. Historically, variations of Fluorite were used for ornamental purposes whereas these days, it is being used for manufacturing and in high performance telescopes. The Chinese used this Crystal as a form of protection against evil spirits. The Romans used to drink alcohol in glasses made of Fluorite as they believed it avoided intoxication.

Benefits and Healing properties of Aquamarine and Fluorite - Aquamarine is a known to be a strong Gemstone for physical healing. It can be very helpful when it comes to soothing sore throats, helping swollen glands and thyroid problems. Aquamarine may also work as a booster for the immune system and favourably towards taming allergies. The Crystal could assist in obtaining strong eyesight and awakening tired eyes. Although this Gemstone has many great physical healing properties, it has some wonderful mental and emotional healing benefits too. The blue-green colour brings calmness and a sense of relief to one's life. If someone is dealing with stress and has a lot going on, this Gem may be perfect for them as it could help balance out emotions and clear any feelings of being overwhelmed. Emotional clarity and seeking closure are other great bonuses that one may obtain by using this Gem. For those that deal with anxiety frequently, Aquamarine could help calm inner turbulence. This beautiful Crystal is dubbed as the stone of courage - allowing one to step out of the shadow and into the light as they embrace their inner strength. 

Variations of Fluorite colours can be supportive with different aspects. The blue Fluorite may work with calming emotions and helps to stimulate clear communication. Whereas the green Fluorite could help balance hormones and recharge all the chakras. The purple Fluorite focuses on obtaining spiritual balance. The yellow Fluorite could help to enhance creativity and remove toxins from the body, alongside with lowering cholesterol levels and may help treat the liver. Fluorite can boost one's immune system and possibly help with healing ulcers and wounds. The Gemstone may also strengthen bone tissue, help with spinal injuries and could improve the discomfort that is related to the nerves. One can incorporate this Crystal in their everyday routine by keeping a Fluorite Crystal pyramid on their work desk or in the form of a candle too. Fluorite may also assist in mental abilities that help process information faster, and could potentially help one to be protected from manipulation. 

Aquamarine and the Chakras - Aquamarine works with the throat chakra which focuses on keeping your voice steady and may provide you with a boost of confidence! The energy of the Gemstone is made up of cleansing water energy and that moves through the throat chakra to influence positive vibes into the energy centre. For those who are scared or nervous of public speaking and presentations, Aquamarine may reduce one's feelings of being overwhelmed and could allow for a clear mind in communication. 

Fluorite and the Chakras - Fluorite works with three of the chakras which are the throat, heart and the third eye. This Crystal is associated with deep healing on many levels as it helps to bring balance and clarity to the chakras. It is known to have a large effect on the heart chakra as it helps to work with deep emotional trauma and negativity which may allow one to open up to love for themselves or others.

The best thing after the invigorating scents provoked by our Aquamarine and Fluorite Soy Candle is that you get to keep the Gemstones - what a way to get your very own Crystal collection started! Happy ocean vibes with this one. 


-Maison Rose