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Gemstone Candles - Amethyst

Gemstone Candles - Amethyst

Amethyst - both a beautiful Crystal and of a gorgeous tone. Can you tell how much we at Maison Rose love Gemstone Candles? From aesthetic, to physical healing properties and, Gemstone inspired scents - this one is for you Amethyst lovers. Spoiler Alert! : Our vibrant Amethyst Soy Candle is infused with Amethyst Crystals which can be kept as a positive token after the candle has been completely burned...or you could always keep the candle as an addition to your home or office decor!


Gemstone Candles

What is Amethyst and what does it represent? - Amethyst is a type of Quartz with a shade of violet. The name “amethystos” means not intoxicated, which is derived from the common dialect - Koine Greek ; in relation to the Crystal being known to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence back in the day. Amethyst is called to be one of the most powerful and protective stones out there. It holds a stunning appearance paired with its known ability to stimulate the mind and emotions. Alongside, this violet beauty has many positive meanings. Amethyst may help bring out the purest aspirations of a person, is said to offer protection, and encouraging love and connection amongst people. Not to mention, it could work as a great stress reliever.

What is Amethyst?


The History of Amethyst - Amethyst jewelry is quite gorgeous in today's time and its findings have been dated to as far back as 2000 BC. In the early days, the violet Crystal was a popular and precious stone, known for its powerful abilities. As mentioned, since Amethyst was known to prevent drunkenness, the Greeks wore Amethyst and made drinking vessels out of it. Quite luxurious one would say! On the other hand, the Ancient Egyptians used this Gemstone to represent the zodiac sign of the Goat. In addition to the early times, Amethyst was placed in the Churches and was worn on the rings of Bishops. The purple colour was used to symbolize Christ. 

Detailed Amethyst


Benefits and Healing properties of Amethyst Amethysts are known for their remarkable ability to assist in opening a person's third eye. The third eye is believed to be a source of power and wisdom. A person can use this Crystal to be enlightened, and enhance or sharpen their spiritual vision. Amethyst is also known for increasing nobility along with spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. It may help with inner healing of the body, mind and soul too. The Crystal is a powerful stone that helps transfer the energy into love and may protect it from harm or stress. Other characteristics that Amethyst could potentially help with is to help calm the mind, improve insomnia and provide positive dreams. On top of that, it could help with boosting hormone production and metabolism, alongside strengthening the immune system, and lastly may help reduce tension in the body or soothe headaches. 

Amethyst Healing


Amethyst and the Chakras - Medicine practitioners may use Amethysts along with other Crystals for healing purposes by placing them on the body. Amethyst can pair well with the seventh chakra, known as the crown chakra, which is where the stone would be placed - the top of one's head. The crown chakra may also be called the bliss chakra as it aligns one's mind with wisdom. As one embarks on their journey of opening up the crown chakra through spiritual practices, it could help connect to their higher self. Amethyst can work to overcome barriers that make a person feel upset, depressed, socially or emotionally challenged.

Let this blog post compel you to indulge in the luscious French Lavender scent of the Amethyst Soy Candle, paired with inspiriting energies!